in Cleveland, Ohio

Join us for BullyBash 2024! This hillarious annual event takes place in Cleveland, Ohio on Memorial Day weekend. This year, the fun starts on Friday, May 24 and lasts until Sunday, May 26. Many guests choose to arrive earlier in the week to explore the city. Schedule details to be determined.

BullyBash is not just for bulldogs. All well-behaved dogs are welcome. Well-behaved humans are also welcome with or without their canine companions. 

Our Ideals

We don’t care where you are from, what you look like, or what your heritage is. We don’t care whether you live in the city or the country or the suburbs, or whether you worship the way we do (or not at all). It doesn’t make a difference to us whether you have a little or a lot. We don’t care about pedigrees, diplomas or degrees unless we are helping you celebrate an accomplishment (in which case we are super proud of you).

We do care if you are kind. It matters to us that you are warm and compassionate to all humans and creatures. We are people who reach out our hands and mean it when we say, “It’s so nice to meet you.” We love to laugh. We kiss dogs. We know there is unfathomable ugliness in the world and we give each other actual living proof of the kindness of strangers.

We may also be a little bit crazy.

Where We're From

BullyBash attracts attendees from across the U.S! Nearly 40 people and, more importantly, 25 dogs traveled from 10 states to join us last year.